Saturday, October 30, 2010

7 Favorite Things About Windows 7

Few days ago it was a year anniversary of Windows 7, here is a list of 7 favorite Windows 7 things:

1. I love the new taskbar. It helps keep my work organized and looking good while at it!

2. Aero snap simply helps you keep organized whatever you are doing in your virtual workspace and it does it well.

3. I absolutely love the devices and printers folder which helps me manage not only all of my connected devices but also my shared network printer. I also love this feature to quickly access some system settings, as your computer is listed as a device.

4. One feature that I love, not so much because it helps me but it helps me help others, is the "Troubleshooting" feature in the control panel. It's great for people who don't know much about computers to help get their pc in order.

5. The "show desktop" button I find is a great little feature. I like working in an organized space, so having too many windows open sometimes can be frustrating. It's nice to know I can minimize them all with one click.
6. Libraries are another one of my favorite features because of how easy it is to keep like-file types together. For example, in previous versions of Windows If I wanted to separate my personal music collection from say my sisters music collection I'd make a separate folder or sub-folder to put her music in, but in never felt cohesive with the rest of the music on the computer. Libraries help make the experience cohesive since you can have all music accessible under a single outlet.

7. One of the most awesome features is XP Mode. There's several programs that I use that won't work in Windows 7 - even in compatibility mode. This feature sort of "bridges the gap" between the old and the new and makes the continued use of an out of date program possible.
These features are just a few of the many awesome features found in Windows 7. I could never go back to previous versions of Windows. Microsoft, you got me hooked! =)


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